Galtres Lodge Fruits of the Forest

Galtres Lodge is a beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of old York, located just a few of hundred yards from the city’s iconic Shambles. With 12 bedrooms, it’s a small, yet perfectly formed offering, while its restaurant, Forest, is fast becoming an essential foodie destination, with a burgeoning reputation that means getting a reservation now requires booking weeks in advance.

Despite its popularity, the hotel/restaurant team don’t want it to be a ‘hidden’ gem – they want everyone to know about it.

With social media providing a very public window into its hospitality, we were brought into to manage Forest’s social channels – and help to bring it the wider recognition its exceptional cuisine deserves.


To do this, we work with the hotel and restaurant team to deliver social content, managing multiple channels but with a specific focus on Instagram and Facebook, its core platforms.

As part of this service, we provide creative direction around the production of video and photography, which is tailored specifically for Forest’s channels and involves our video/pictures team regularly zooming up the M1 to conduct photoshoots.

This is supplemented by imagery provided by the hotel/restaurant team directly – which usually consists of timely stuff happening at short notice.

With this to hand, we map out the creative content through far-reaching social media strategy, that weaves in full campaign elements as well as competition planning and execution – with adhoc posts included as and when they’re needed.

Our services see us deliver full social media content creation (drafting and publishing posts) as well as providing account management ­– responding to queries and flagging issues raised on social with the hotel team. This forms part of wider community engagement, where we seek to actively interact with relevant items on the hotel’s social feeds.Our overall approach is aimed at digital brand building and growing the restaurant’s online audience – helping to enhance its already excellent local reputation.


Within the first three months of working together Forest York’s channels grew exponentially:

  • Net audience growth: +207.5%
  • Impressions: +158.4%
  • Engagements: +463.4%
  • Post clicks: +987.4%

Individual posts during this time reached as many as 6,789 people – a great audience for a comparatively low level boutique offering.

Comparing year-on-year social growth since we started working together in April 2021, we can see that, when compared against the previous year, Forest York's channels have grown:

  • Net audience growth: +276.7%
  • Impressions: +252.3%
  • Engagements: +410.3%
  • Post clicks: +443%

One particular competition that we ran via Forest’s social channels, reached more than 15,633 people, while Instagram reels have collectively been watched by nearly 20,000 people, with the example below achieving 7,000 views on its own.

Given Galtres Lodge is a small boutique hotel, with a similarly sized restaurant, its social returns see it punching above its relative weight – a trend we’ll look to not just continue, but build upon.