Rob Shurmer

Rob is part of the internal marketing team here at Pic, tasked with promoting our own brand and services to potential new clients.

With business savvy established through a Business Studies A Level, Rob proved his adventurous streak immediately after his 6th form studies, heading Down Under for a year of living and working in New Zealand. This was a period that saw him carrying out events organisation and administrative tasks under the affectionate job title of ‘gappy’ – not due to his Madonna like teeth, but rather a catch all term for those working on a gap year. With some decent life experience under his belt, Rob flew back to Blighty to embark on his marketing role at Pic PR - a role he's taken to with gusto.

A sports fanatic, Rob is a lifelong Cheltenham Town supporter, and has travelled far and wide to watch them play outstanding and scintillating football. He’s also a keen musician who can sing and play the guitar, and even, occasionally, both at the same time. You could say he’s Winchcombe's answer to Ed Sheeran...just nowhere near as good.

Favourite Pic Up Line (Heard, Not Used…Well Maybe):

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Until you give me your number..." (Inspired by his time in New Zealand)