Lucy Howells

A social media executive here at Pic, Lucy wound her way to us via a 1st Class Honours Degree in English Language and Linguistics from the University of Reading.

Hungry for career success, she supplemented her learning by writing for the student newspaper, which, combined with a stint as a social media marketer at the Reading Film Theatre and Entourage Project, provided her with the appropriate tools of the trade and an appreciation for a persuasive post.

As a Fleetwood Mac obsessive, you could say she could hear social media calling, calling out her name, and joining Pic post uni, she’s now tasked with creating witty bon mots for our clients’ social channels.

Away from the keyboard she’s a bona fide gym freak, loves a Marvel marathon, and likes to sink a few Desperadoes in her local pub…possibly with her twin sister, as, yes, she’s a twin.

Favourite Pic Up Line (Heard, Not Used…Well Maybe):

"I'm not a photographer, but I can picture you and I together."