Lucinda Thayers

Lucinda is a central element of the social team, with her colourful background giving her a wealth of worldly knowledge to call upon when crafting social content.

Having initially started in social media and marketing via an apprenticeship post-college – which saw her take on social accounts that ranged from accountants to global skin care brands – Lucinda then took some time out to travel the world, before spending a couple of years in Dubai working as cabin crew for Emirates.

This time spent mixing it up with cultures and places the world over has imbued her with an understanding of all sorts of seemingly random things – making her very worldly wise.

She’s also a lover of all things organic – including engagement, followers and food.

Still suffering from the travel bug, Luci can effectively guide you around Asia based on the best street food spots, a talent she hopes to never lose. However, when within UK air space, she’ll mainly be found riding her horse or hosting a dinner party infused with exotic dishes.

Favourite Pic Up Line (Heard, Not Used... Well Maybe): 

“Hey, is your name WiFi? Because we have a connection. ”