Lloyd Hughes

A writer by trade, Lloyd was apparently born with a quill in his hand, which was probably a bit of a shock for the midwife – especially as a ballpoint pen would've been more practical. Nevertheless, whether this apocryphal anecdote is true or not, he did do Creative Writing at the University of Leeds, so that’s bona fide enough for us.

With an uncanny ability to distill a complicated subject into an absorbable format for the uninitiated, he oversees both the PR team, and the copy side of things, checking the quality of our written output. Picture him as a slightly more affable version of the Eye of Sauron blazing out from Mordor, casting his cynical gaze over our wording.

Working on an eclectic mix of brands over the years, Lloyd has many a tone of voice to call upon – and he’s our port of call when we want to write something ‘highbrow’, or funny, to be fair, as he’s also our resident wit.

Having been a part of the agency when it was just him and David, he’s used to loads of space in the office and bemoans our ever-growing team and the fact he doesn’t have 6 desks to himself anymore. But still, needs must. An unbelievable dancer, singer and all round social whirlwind.

Favourite Pic Up Line (Heard, Not Used…Well Maybe):

“Are you a keyboard? Because you're definitely my type.”