Finn Orr

Finn is our designer extraordinaire and the best in the agency. A graduate of Kingston School of Art, he longs for the bright lights of London, but currently has to make do with the hay-fevered haze of the countryside rather than the smog of the city.

A lover of type, Finn’s yearning for urban living inspires his approach to design, with much of his practice centred on British subcultures. He’s inspired by a very defined aesthetic of 1990s’ council estates, football hooliganism and graffiti. This may make him sound like a toe rag you’d avoid in an underpass, but we assure you Finn channels this through his art and not by vandalising Beckford or fighting the owners of the village shop. Well, certainly not yet anyway.

With an entrepreneurial edge to his work, prior to joining Pic, Finn opened a shipping container shop in Vinegar Yard, London Bridge, selling vintage designer clothing. As part of this, he created the branding, identity and supplementary advertising to market the endeavour. Involving a diverse range of creative tasks, he not only designed the t-shirts, but also created a short movie of the production process – underlining his creative spirit.

A lover of the pub, Finn’s family has fostered 14 children; a welcoming, inclusive approach that’s reflected in Finn’s personality as he’ll go for a pint with anyone…if they’re paying, of course.

Favourite Pic Up Line (Heard, Not Used…Well Maybe):

"Hey, my name is Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight?"