Adam Riglar

Adam has seemingly traversed the length of England in his career path, having taken in both Cornwall and Cumbria. Now though, he's landed in leafy Gloucestershire (let's call it midway between the two), where he's slotted in seamlessly to our account management team.
Bringing with him a background in higher education, theatre and community engagement projects - Adam has an ingrained knack for both organisation and for keeping clients happy.


His abilities have been well honed whilst previously working on large collaborative partnership projects in the North West, which means Adam is well versed in ensuring everyone’s plates are not just successfully spinning, but that the dietary requirements on said plates are fully met. A self-titled nerd of musical theatre, lover of food and all things beagle, Adam can often be found enjoying pre-show hospitality or getting a nature fix while out exploring, which, more often than not, is near to water. A love of lakes and open water is what living in the Lake District does for you, after all.  

Favourite Pic Up Line (Heard, Not Used... Well Maybe): 

'They say nothing lasts forever - so you would be my nothing.'