With everything we do comes joined up thinking. That way, our clients are free to opt for the full Pic PR offering, or simply pic and choose the most relevant services they need.

We meet with our clients regularly, and each individual campaign will kick off with a briefing meeting where we talk through your objectives, our ideas, and agree how a specific campaign will be executed. We’ll constantly review your specific comms needs so we can tailor our services to meet them.

  • Press


    This is our traditional media relations offering where our PR experts continuously talk to your relevant journalists...

  • Digital


    Today more than ever, digital dominates. News is broadcast, shared and accessed online in the blink...

  • Social


    Our social media offer is designed to complement your own activity, adding as much support as you need to...

  • Copy


    Our team of copywriters are dedicated to creating words that engage, inspire and excite your audience...

  • Video


    As an extension of our ‘pictures’ offering, Pic PR is chuffed to be able to offer a full video production...

  • Photography


    Pictures are at the heart of the Pic PR offering – in fact, it’s why we’re called Pic! We know your imagery is...