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The Need

Sports Chairs is a unique concept from a leading upholstery firm based in Gloucestershire. The idea is simple…it take one of your sports shirts and turns it into a high end luxury chair. Taking it to market on the other hand, is slightly more complicated. With the mens/sports gift sector being one of the most competitive going, and with so many cheaper offerings available to the consumer, Sports Chairs really needed to hit home with its marketing.

The Solution

For people to understand the amount of effort, and the quality materials used to make these chairs, the consumer needed to be educated. We therefore put together a highly targeted PR campaign that would reach out to potential buyers and showcase that this was a quality product. At the core was high quality imagery and video.

Photoshoots took various forms, some with female and male models, some without. The PRESS and DIGITAL activity then kicked in, along with management of the firm's SOCIAL media accounts. All this helped us reach consumers both directly and through major influencers, such as the media and bloggers.

The Results

  • Sports Chairs made a chair for The Soccer AM show shown every Saturday on Sky Sports. This was featured throughout the season. On top of this The Soccer AM team also tweeted a number of times about the chair. This exposure alone generated 25 orders
  • Sporting publications and bloggers such as ‘All About Cricket’ and ‘The Anfield Wrap’ featured the product. Sports Chairs was also featured in the Daily Sport and The Daily Mail. This also generated a number of orders
  • Our PR activity also helped generate interest from schools, club houses, businesses etc, who have gone on to place large orders. This side of the business has now become one of the main drivers

“The Man Utd chair that Sports Chairs put together for us was fantastic. It worked really well on the show. Great idea, great quality. We love it.” – The Soccer AM team