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Mission Impossible? I don’t think so…

The need

Packaging experts Polythene UK needed to create some awareness around its new compostable check-out bags and persuade supermarkets to make the ‘green’ switch.

The solution

To get the media talking about Polythene UK’s ‘green’ mission, we took some mission impossible style photos, and created some articles around the compostable bag issue.

These were sold into the packaging and food & drink titles. News stories were also created around Polythene’s keywords to help provide SEO content and increase Google rankings.

The results

  • Coverage in all the key packaging and food & drink media titles (online & offline)
  • A meeting with David Cameron to discuss the need for compostable check-out bags
  • Meetings with leading supermarkets such as Tesco, Marks & Spencer, and Co-op
  • Reaching page one of Google for their specific search terms (keywords)