Janice Haddon


Personal Brand Building

The need

Janice Haddon is a life and business coach, who runs two businesses, Morgan Redwood and Thrive in Life.

Morgan Redwood caters for corporate clients, helping to maximise businesses’ potential through both personal and corporate growth. Offering a mix of business strategy, coaching and leadership development, Morgan Redwood has worked with a number of leading FTSE 500 businesses.

Thrive in Life, Janice’s latest venture, is more focused on the individual – helping people to establish personal goals and establish the right work-life balance, teaching them how to make the necessary changes in their lives in order to thrive.

Janice turned to Pic PR to help establish the right strategy to promote all three of her brands, incorporating Morgan Redwood, Thrive in Life and her own personal brand to form a cohesive image.

The solution

Recognising that Janice is the driving force between all three brands Pic PR sought to position her as the face of each organisation, with a degree of interconnection between them. Effectively the project amounted to three in one, with Janice the focal point but working along specific lines for Morgan Redwood and for Thrive in Life.

With Janice being a business and life coach, one of the key focus areas for Pic PR was to secure feature opportunities, where Janice would be able to impart advice and guidance on improvements that could be made. For Morgan Redwood this would centre on HR and business press, providing tips and suggestions on how to improve/rectify organisational performance. For Thrive in Life the emphasis would be on the individual – explaining how people can develop and improve themselves.

On top of feature opportunities, Pic PR also produced an in depth study for Morgan Redwood called its Wellbeing & Business Performance report. To date this has been published twice, with Pic PR then able to use statistics established by the report to approach press and highlight unusual trends.

During Pic PR’s time working with Janice, she was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease, an incurable and debilitating illness that severely hampers her day to day life. Following her diagnosis, Janice turned to Pic PR to help her raise awareness of the condition and to help tell her personal story.

The results

  • Pic PR has achieved extensive press coverage across a variety of sectors, ticking off the key HR and business titles for Morgan Redwood such as the FT, the Independent, HR Magazine, CIPD, HR Bullets, HR Director, Pay & Benefits magazine, and Real Business
  • Janice Haddon and Thrive have appeared on or in Cosmopolitan, Woman magazine, Good Housekeeping, Men’s Fitness, Country & Townhouse, Virgin Online, the Irish versions of Tatler and the Daily Star, as well as many more
  • Recently, since Janice’s diagnosis with Lyme’s disease she’s had a full feature in the Sunday Express’s S magazine, which was also published on the Express Online, helping to raise awareness of the condition