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Luxury PR

The Need

Feversham Arms is a luxury hotel and spa situated in the idyllic market town of Helmsley, North Yorkshire.

Over recent years it has enjoyed a steady increase in sales. However, with room for expansion limited (due to a lack of space to add extra rooms, further facilities and so forth), and therefore no extra revenue avenues to explore via extra builds, the hotel was relying on its current product to really reach out to potential guests and encourage previous guests to return.

With competition also increasing in the region, where neighbouring hotels were investing millions of pounds, Feversham Arms needed a long-term comms campaign that would keep it at the forefront of luxury hospitality in the North of England, and attract not only local people, but people from further afield.

Finally, Feversham Arms relied heavily on online booking sites, which although sell rooms, take a big bite out of the hotel’s bottom line thanks to the considerable commission costs involved.

The Solution

With all this in mind, Pic PR created a comms campaign to drive online traffic straight to the Feversham Arms’ website in order for potential guests to book direct. Plus, to reach out to wider audiences (Europe and further abroad) Pic PR put in place an intense media programme ranging from targeting local press, through to UK and international travel press (online & offline). Within this, a social media programme (where Pic PR would take complete management) was also put together.

On top of this Pic PR worked with senior management to help put together certain packages (corporate, luxury breaks) and also build partnerships with complementary businesses who could also help build awareness and add further gravitas to the Feversham Arms experience.

The Results 

  • Within the last financial year sales increased (hotel and spa) by 17%
  • Corporate bookings in the last financial year increased by 34%
  • For the first time in the last 10 years more people are booking through the Feversham Arms website than ever before. With the website now being number one for generating bookings
  • Over the last 2 years both the Feversham Arms Twitter account, and the Feversham Facebook page have seen an increase of followers and likes by 200%
  • The Feversham Arms has continuously appeared in the major regional & national press (Yorkshire Post, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Red, Yours, Glamour magazine as examples) – reaching out to those looking for a luxury break. Plus, has achieved International coverage in major titles such as Conde Nast Traveller. And also major coverage in leading titles that reach out to business leaders such as the British Airways Highlife publication
  • Finally, Feversham Arms has engaged with Pic PR with regards to managing all of its video needs