Hello, hello,


A mini welcome to you.


We say mini, not because we’re not interested in doing a big welcome, oh no, it’s because we presume you scanned the QR code on our Pic branded Mini Countryman*.


You may have seen us cruising the streets and driving impeccably, or perhaps you’ve seen us roadside and are impressed by some outstanding parallel parking?


Well, we hope that’s the case, and you’re not here to complain about our driving/parking. If it’s the latter, just email with the subject line ‘WHAT IN THE BLAZES WERE YOU DOING’.


But random asides aside, how about a mini introduction to what we do?

Well, we do PR mainly (as that was what we started out doing), but over the 11+ years we’ve been going we’ve evolved to offer a broad swathe of communications services; from video and photography, to design and copywriting, as well as social media content creation and strategy – and a few other bits and pieces of digital marketing in between.


You can check out our work page for a feel for our campaign-led stuff.


Or check out our latest results on our journal page.


Or even our about page to see what we look like (which also makes for a handy police-style line-up of possible bad drivers/parkers to help you pinpoint transgressors).


Or, you know, you could just go for it and get in touch straight off the bat. We love meeting new people, so just drop us a line and say hello with the subject line “YOU GUYS LOOK FUN”.


Let’s hope you’re wanting to reach out and work with us.



*If you’re here looking for our work with Disney to celebrate 100 years of Minnie Mouse then please come back in 2028, as no doubt, they’ll have reached out to us by then and asked for our involvement.**


**If you’re here in 2029, then fair play, we’ve really held on to that Countryman. It must’ve racked up some miles by now. Oh, and yeah, the Disney gig, might, just might, not have materialised. The scoundrels.

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