The Wild Hare Group Wild for sustainability

The Wild Hare Group is a sustainable ready meal producer, which uses high-quality, fresh, nutritious, British-grown ingredients.

The brand’s ethos is very much centred on producing food sustainably, using regenerative agriculture to create traceable and transparent ingredients with provenance at their heart.

A relatively new brand in the market, the Wild Hare Group wanted to raise its profile within the food industry and brought us in to help do so.

This partnership with them saw the group take up practically the full range of our services, including PR, photography, videography, social, design and copy.

Key requirements centred on planning and creating social media content, designing and writing the copy for a new website, and shouting about Wild Hare developments in the relevant media to project its offering.

Wild Hare’s overarching ambition from our activity was to make enough noise so that the brand’s range of ready meals was noticed and subsequently picked up by one of the major supermarket retailers.


With a rudimentary existing website already in place, we were tasked with creating an upgraded version that appropriately showcased the brand and its range of meals. With no need for an ecommerce function (the meals are bought from stockists and apps), the aim was to make it visually appealing and informative enough to give people a taste of the offering.

Using Wild Hare’s limited existing brand assets, our design team built on these to refresh the look, using a tailored colour palette, updated typography, and new social media pack to create a strong online branding identity. Our video and photography team captured the relevant visual content, focusing on the plated-up food and its packaging.

Our copy team then provided the wording, following the established brand guidelines to present Wild Hare’s offering in an appropriately beguiling light.

Whilst this was going on, our PR team was busy shouting about the Wild Hare’s developments within the food trade and sustainability press. The Grocer was the brand’s number one target, but Wild Hare was also keen for wider coverage where applicable.

Finally, our social team was using assets from all of the above activity to populate the Wild Hare’s social channels and build its audience.


The resulting website provided a quality portal from which to showcase the brand, with the other activity linking back to it, helping to increase web traffic and improve its Google rankings.

Our PR work focused on a mix of angles, including high profile brand partnerships, such as with Getir, a rapidly growing global delivery brand, which secured coveted Grocer coverage, and the brand’s plans to achieve a net zero ready meal (one of its key early goals), along with tree planting initiatives to offset carbon and more.

Other PR activity saw us shouting about Dominie Fearn, Wild Hare’s founder, to raise her profile, including a meeting with the Prince of Wales, as well as her shortlisting as Entrepreneur of the Year in a sustainability award.

This wide-ranging approach, which targeted various forms of trade press as well as regional consumer press where applicable achieved more than 40 pieces of media coverage, including multiple follow links, which serve to enhance the SEO profile of the Wild Hare website.

Our social activity, which along with shouting about the above included specifically created graphics from our design team, also greatly increased engagement across the Wild Hare’s social channels, resulting in the following growth since June 2021.


  • Impressions: +161%
  • Engagements: +87.7%



  • Impressions: +37.8%
  • Engagements: +57.1%
  • Website clicks: +163%
  • 12.5k views on our first reel



  • Impressions: +957%
  • Engagements: +555%


All of this activity – new website, PR outreach and social content creation – came together to help propel the Wild Hare Group into the consciousness of senior food industry decision makers.

This subsequently saw the group form a partnership with Ocado and go live in its online store – achieving the core target of our activity, which was to enhance the brand’s profile enough to secure a partnership with one of the UK’s major supermarket brands.