When Waffling Gets You Coverage

June 29th 2023 By Pic PR 1 minute read

Have you got anything new happening at your hotel?

If so, shout about it!

New developments generate news, and new happenings sit very much within that category.

Here’s a quick example.

We work with Stonehouse Court, a hotel in the Cotswolds.

Conveniently located on the banks of the Stroud canal with a large garden, it attracts walkers as well as locals who stop by to enjoy the hotel’s F&B offering.

With this in mind, the hotel is constantly looking to innovate and change its menus to add a fresh spin and attract new people (as well as returning guests).

Recently, they’ve launched a new outdoor waffle house – Wild Waffle – which took over the space from an outside bar, as the hotel moved towards a more family friendly appeal over the summer months.

A relatively straightforward change (with no expensive revamp required) our photography team was on hand to hotfoot it to the hotel and get some images of the new food.

Capturing some lovely photographs to supplement our marketing efforts, this provided prime fodder for social posts and newsletter content, as well as pictures to accompany a PR push.

The hotel saw some excellent positive engagement on its social channels.

Facebook saw a 484% increase in reach (when compared against the hotel’s median post reach), as well as a 1,950% increase in reactions to the media post.

It was also enough of a hook to interest the local media, securing coverage in the likes of Gloucestershire Live and SoGlos – an outlet which focuses on what’s happening in the Cotswolds.

With mailers and special offers going out in advance of the launch, this was supplemented by website blogs to capture attention across a range of touchpoints.

It all helped to build attention and anticipation, with the Wild Waffle proving an immediate success.

So much so that the waffles sold out on the opening weekend, with plenty of people dropping in to enjoy the new menu.

With marketing playing a large part in this popularity, it’s always worth shouting about anything new you have going on.

So, have you got anything new you want to trumpet?

We’d love to help if that’s the case – so get in touch and we’ll talk through what we can do for you.

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