What is Video Marketing?

April 22nd 2024 By Joe Gillin 2 minute read

In today’s modern world, where attention spans are fleeting and social content is becoming increasingly vital, video marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to help not only convey their message to a certain audience, but also to engage and capture the attention of new customers.

But what exactly is video marketing, and why has it become so crucial for almost every aspect of modern marketing strategies?

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing, at a very basic level, is the use of video content to help promote a business, brand, product or service. There really is no limit to what can be done with video, which is one of the reasons why it can be so successful for businesses that have an exciting or clear vision. These videos can come in many forms; from testimonials to brand videos, commercials to social edits, vlogs to overviews, and many more.

Different Styles Of Video Marketing

The type of video is typically chosen by what the business or brand stands for or needs. Those brands with  a product to sell will generally want or require a commercial style video, which will capture the audience's attention very quickly and entice them with suitably beguiling visuals. This will – hopefully – make them want to purchase whichever product is on display. However, this isn’t always the right type of video for each respective brand. Some businesses may see testimonials as more of a real and assured way of showing prospective customers that their product or brand is true to what they say it is, and is really as good as it seems. 

Why has video marketing become so important? 


One main reason for this is the ever growing popularity of social media and the countless different platforms in which you can use these videos. These different platforms have made it very easy for brands to post and share their videos with a certain demographic, engaging with these people in a more personable way. Additionally, by posting the same video to multiple platforms at once, the amount of people who are going to see the video increases exponentially.

picpr video team on a shoot
picpr video team on a shoot
Video is incredibly effective at engaging, capturing and retaining the attention of an audience. Which is the ultimate goal for these businesses, wanting people to see what they can offer and how it could benefit them. Videos have the unique ability to evoke emotion, convey complex information simply and leave a lasting impression on the viewer. When wanting to increase brand awareness, establish authority and create much deeper connections with the customers, this is hands down the way to go.

There’s a reason why companies will pay hundreds of millions of pounds* for a video campaign. Because it works! Creating a lasting impression and something memorable can completely change the perspective on a brand for the better. This has to be done right however, as a bad video can be damaging for a brand and look unprofessional.

So if you want a professional video that elevates your brand, you know where to find us!

*Don’t worry we don’t charge that much…unless that’s what your budget requires of course.

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