15th August 2022 By PIC PR 1 minute read

At Pic PR we now offer 3D Mapping, which essentially showcases your care home in 3D.
If you’ve ever wistfully browsed Rightmove, looking at properties way over your budget, then you’re no doubt familiar with the 3D house tours you can take to have a look around them in more detail.
This is exactly the same but for care homes.
Here’s an example we recently did for one of our care clients, Parkfield Care Home, which is part of Canford Healthcare.
Essentially, it lets you look at certain rooms, explore the layout, and get to grips with what a home looks like beyond the pictures, which, whilst traditionally conveying a thousand words (as the saying goes!), don’t give you quite as much of an insight.
Here’s some tech spiel on how it’s done:

We use a specialist 3D mapping camera, which is basically a professional drone photogrammetry camera that changes orientation during flight, to capture three images (two oblique, one nadir) every time, instead of just one, for a much wider field of view. It is optimised for quick, robust image processing…

Yep, that went right over our heads too at first.
To put it in simpler terms, our video team did a 360 virtual tour of all angles of the care home.
This now provides a realistic view of the home, meaning prospective residents and their families will be able to get a feel for what the care home is like without even going there. 
Equally, the fact prospects are able to navigate through the home themselves provides an element of control, which helps engender trust more so than simply watching a video – boosting the chance of conversions.
Parkfield can now use this for all sorts of marketing purposes – putting it on their website, sending it to prospective enquiries and so on.
Does it sound like something you’d benefit from?
We’re already seeing a lot of interest in this one, so if you want us to look at doing something similar for you – just let us know.

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