Want Top Influencers Staying At Your Hotel?

July 14th 2022 By Pic PR 1 minute read

Influencers often have a highly engaged, aspirational audience. People are following the account (more often than not) because they aspire to that person’s lifestyle.
Given this then, it means an influencer’s following can very often be inspired to book a stay with you themselves – helping to drive direct business and boost revenue.
Whilst some influencers do look for additional payment, the great thing about hotels is that you have an offering many will be keen to engage with regardless.
If you can provide them with some form of hospitality – be that a meal, spa treatment, hotel-specific experience or overnight stay – they can then post about that on their social channels and raise awareness of what your hotel has to offer.

As a very quick recent example, over the weekend one of our hotel clients, Great Fosters, welcomed Finnerz, a lifestyle influencer with 45.9K followers to enjoy one of its pool days – a key summer package offer they’re keen to promote. He enjoyed a sunny day poolside and a couple’s spa treatment, posting multiple stories throughout the weekend, before creating a reel to post on his channel – providing pool related content at a perfect time as we move into a heatwave.
The good thing about this is that influencer marketing is built on authenticity. They’re promoting a genuine experience – as they’re there enjoying it for all their followers to see. They say the sizzle sells the sausage, so watching someone actually engaging with the experience can work wonders, as it’s easy for viewers to trust that their own experience at a hotel will be the same, which is why influencer marketing has grown so much in recent years.

Here at Pic PR, we have relationships with top travel press as well as leading lifestyle influencers and are well versed in arranging stays – negotiating deliverables and ensuring you get what you want out of it, which is, ultimately, increased bookings and enhanced revenues.

So, if that sounds of interest and you want us to help manage your influencer marketing, then please get in touch. We’d love to chat through how we can help!

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