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May 12th 2022 By Pic PR 1 minute read

We work with Tubby Tom's, a hot sauce and seasoning company, who has grown significantly, increasing its production from 13,000 bottles a year to 166,000. This has all happened since we first met the founder, Tom, four years ago.

A neat little story in itself. But we took it up a notch. 

After reconnecting again with Tom earlier this year, and as he's such a great character, we put him at the centre of our comms strategy.

First off we sent in our video & photography team who were able to capture Tom's eccentric style and approach to business life in the food and drink sector. We filmed in the Tubby Tom's kitchen and warehouse with Tom explaining his business story and his new bottle machine! We even got him talking about his latest product - Death Jam! We then brought some products into our in-house studio for a photoshoot.

Alongside this, our PR team looked to do some local press outreach to raise his profile across the county and the wider South West region, touting the success of the 'Tubby Tom's' story as the news hook, with Tom himself playing the lead role.

PR wise, we secured a swathe of print coverage including a front page in the Gloucester Citizen, Tubby Tom’s key local paper, a full page 3 feature in the Gloucestershire Echo (the main paper for neighbouring Cheltenham), while there was also a full page feature in the Western Daily Press, which covers Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Somerset, including Bath and Bristol.

Online coverage included Gloucestershire Live, Business Live, So Glos, Business Innovation Magazine and more, while Tom was also interviewed on BBC Radio Gloucestershire.

Overall, in just one month we secured 15 pieces of quality coverage, and produced an array of engaging visual content for social, which led to masses of likes, retweets and shares.

Everybody was talking about Tubby Toms. Everybody was ordering Tubby Toms.

So, do you have a story to be told, or want help creating your story in order to get sales? Then get in touch and we'll have a chat.

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