Want Positive National Television Coverage For Your Home? No Problem, Leave It To Us...

October 28th 2022 By Pic PR 1 minute read

We know that for a care home, creating a positive image consistently is vital to growth and success (in terms of attracting new residents and staff). Television is still one of the most powerful platforms to reach out to people and do exactly that.

With this in mind, and ahead of The Care Quality Commission's latest report, ‘People First’, we contacted key TV outlets and programmes asking if they will be covering the report, and if so, would they like some commentary pieces from one of our care home clients CHD Living.

The TV world said yes, and the PR team here got straight to work.

Shaleeza (CHD's Head of Hospitality, Communication and Commissioning), made appearances on both Channel 5 and ITV news last week, offering the care group's viewpoint on the report as well as the realities facing care homes under current pressures.

The resulting coverage has then be pushed out via CHD's social channels, and through their e-comms (all managed by the Pic team) too.

We are image shapers; we know how to generate positive publicity and enhance a care home’s reputation, but that’s not just because we are PR specialists. It’s because, like you, we care about people, and we are passionate about telling the world what an amazing job the care sector does.

So, if you’d like major positive national TV exposure for your homes, then get in touch, we’d love to help!

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