Want An Award-Winning Marketing Campaign For Your Business?

June 16th 2022 By Pic PR 2 minute read

Delivering award-winning work brings lots of benefits.

It achieves results. It wouldn’t win awards otherwise, after all.
It gets you noticed. People do pay attention to them.
It reinforces that sense of quality. If you’re offering is poor, you won’t win awards.
It underlines your credentials. Award wins indicate legitimacy.
It boosts morale. Teams love it!

The list of pros can go on and on with very few cons to combat them.
Of course, some people don’t hold much truck with awards, but they’re in the minority (and, we’ve often found, unlikely to win them in the first place!).
In the last couple of years, we’ve been shortlisted for 35 awards, winning 16 of them (so far), with three more shortlistings just this week in the PRCA Platinum Awards.

These are only able to be entered if you’ve already won/been shortlisted for an award in the past 12 months – so you could say they’re a bit like the Champions League of PR. But whilst that might be pushing it, at the very least we’re in good company and up against some of the best PR practitioners in the country.
These are three more shortlistings for our ongoing Adopt-a-Grandparent campaign for one of our care clients, which was first launched in 2020, and following 1,200 pieces of PR coverage, has seen more than 90,000 volunteers sign up to connect with care residents, including Hollywood actress Ruby Rose who’s now an official ambassador.

Other award winning campaigns of ours include #SleepOverToHelpTurnover on behalf of HOSPA, the hospitality professionals association, which wanted to support hotels during the pandemic. This saw HOSPA encourage hotels (still desperate for trade) to offer appreciative gestures to guests still opting to book with them (an extra night, complimentary drink at the bar, free parking – whatever the hotel could afford at the time).
With 140+ hotels signing up, it achieved more than 190 pieces of press coverage, driving web traffic and boosting HOSPA’s sponsorship and membership numbers – and winning awards to boot.
Other award standard stuff over the years includes our Memories campaign, which focused on residents’ lived experiences and saw us arranging a Harley Davidson ride for one octogenarian resident (complete with accompanying biker gang) – and organising a fashion shoot for a former Yves St Lauren model suffering from dementia, the shots from which featured on the front page of The Times.

Then there’s our ‘Games Room of the Year’ campaign – a national competition to determine Britain's best games room. Having first launched the competition in 2015, we delivered it for the following four years in a row, establishing it as an annual fixture and generating hundreds of pieces of media coverage across that time – boosting the website ranking for the games room company behind it, driving sales, and making their brand synonymous with games rooms.
That’s just a snapshot of some of the things we’ve done in the past, and we’d love to create some award-winning, hard-hitting campaigns for you too.
So, if you think that’s something you’d like to get involved in and you’re keen, then just drop us a message and we can talk through what we can do for you.

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