Wakey Wines smashing the socials

January 12th 2023 By Amy Gillin 2 minute read


“Abdul come closer. Abdul go back. Bingo, Bingo, Gala Bingo. What’s the best shop in Wakey? Wakey Wines!”

A strange refrain on paper, but one that’s been doing the rounds on social.

I’m sure we all remember last year’s social media phenomenon that was Binley Mega Chippy, but have you been keeping up to date with the UK’s [now] best-known convenience store, with hundreds of customers travelling from far and wide to get their hands on the exclusive (and seriously sought-after) ‘Prime’ energy drink, produced by A-List influencers Logan Paul and KSI?

Absolutely no idea what we’re talking about? We’ll let you catch up here and come back when you’ve had chance to observe this social magic for yourself.  

Wakefield Wines, more popularly known as ‘Wakey Wines’, has taken its social media to a new level, with owner, Mohammed Azar Nahir, posting regular TikTok content, racking up a huge 12.5+ million views and 500k+ followers since November 2022. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is an impressive amount of organic growth in just two months. And we’re starting to wonder if we should approach him to join the Pic social team? Anyway, I digress.

So, how has this small off licence in West Yorkshire managed to create such a buzz?

Boasting about its stock of Prime, Wakey Wines has encouraged users to flock to the store to get their hands on what seems to be the most-famous drink of the century so far. With ‘Prime’ retailing at just £1.99, Wakey Wines has been cashing-in, with customers spending hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on the energy drinks at the shop. No, that’s not a joke. A woman recently bought a 12-pack of ‘Prime’ cans for an absurd £1,200. We can only hope the drink contains the secret to youth or solid gold at this point.

Logan Paul and KSI have even responded to Ameer’s TikTok, encouraging users to wait until high street stores restock the drinks at their original price, rather than purchasing them from Wakey Wines. 

Other large brands have also jumped on the Prime spectacle, with well-known brewery, Tiny Rebel, creating their own take on the new drink, with a limited-edition blue raspberry IPA called ‘Primed’. Nicely done. 

Having caused such a huge amount of commotion on TikTok and getting publicity from KSI and Logan Paul, users are starting to think that Wakey Wines had this planned out all along…

What do you think? A well-thought-out marketing stunt? Or just a highly sought-after influencer energy drink, a charismatic shop owner and a bit of luck with the algorithm? Whatever it may be, we’re impressed by the numbers if not by the extortionate price tag.

This just goes to show though that any kind of business can be successful on social media if they find the right angle.

Need some help levelling up your own social media strategy? Or have you tried the new ‘Prime’ drink and need to let us know that it’s worth the drive to Wakefield? You know what to do. 

Get in touch.

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