Using Your Social Channels To Get You Talked About

April 10th 2023 By Pic PR 1 minute read

When it comes to marketing your care home, do you make the most of your social channels?

If not, you should be – as it can make a real difference to getting your offering known about.

One of our clients, ACI Care, made a nice comment the other day. When attending industry events, they said that “People are more aware of our offering now, saying that they keep seeing us everywhere.” 

For them, that’s great – and exactly what they want.

And whilst we offer a wide range of our services to them, including PR, video, copywriting, design and more, our social offering helps to keep them front and centre in people’s minds.

In the care industry, many carers (and residents’ families) are on Facebook, so we put a big emphasis on that platform. And since we started working with ACI Care, we’ve increased the traffic on their Facebook channel by 261%.
This is great for generating a sense of community amongst residents’ families, as well as carers. And with more engagement meaning more people are likely to see it – it puts you in front of prospective resident leads, as well as prospective future employees.

Another key platform we’ve been active on for ACI Care though is LinkedIn.
This is where decision-makers and senior operators tend to spend time – and it’s these people who are making the comments at industry networking events.

Since working with ACI Care, social traffic on LinkedIn has jumped a whopping 675%.

For many providers, especially care groups, industry profile is important – and maximising your social channels is a great way of keeping you front of mind, helping to ensure you’re abreast of developments in the sector and included in wider industry conversations.

Want us to do the same for you and increase your care sector profile?

Just get in touch, and we’ll talk you through what we can do. We’d love to help.

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