Using Your Residents’ Interests To Get Your Care Brand Talked About

July 21st 2023 By Pic PR 1 minute read

When it comes to care home marketing, residents are your biggest asset.

With a wealth of lived experience to call upon, you can use all sorts of things from residents’ lives to help fashion an approach to press.

Here’s a quick example of what we mean.

One of our care clients, ACI Care, has a resident, Roy, who’s a former saxophonist.

Now living with dementia, his love of music is something that helps stimulate memories.

Closely liaising with the team at ACI, we know quite a bit about residents and their pastimes, so we know that if an appropriate opportunity arises, we can suggest something nice for residents to get involved in.

And with World Music Day occurring in June, we knew it would provide a great opportunity for us to highlight Roy’s penchant for music, outlining how it’s helping him manage his dementia symptoms and still bringing him joy.

Pulling it together as a press release, and including thoughts from Roy, we sent it out to relevant press, highlighting his backstory.

A relatively simple endeavour, this was enough to secure several pieces of local press coverage (prime for an audience of prospective residents), as well as trade press coverage (prime for prospective employees).

The results included the key local titles such as The Northamptonshire Telegraph, Northampton Chronicle, The Corby Evening Telegraph in print, as well as care sector titles Caring UK, Care & Nursing Essentials and The Carer.

By using a resident’s interests, we were able to generate a swathe of press coverage all talking positively about ACI Care and Roy’s home, Gabriel Court.

All it took was the ability to spot the news hook – something we’re long experienced in.

Want us to do something similar for you?

Just get in touch, we’d love to help.

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