Using influencers to showcase your food

September 7th 2023 By Pic PR 1 minute read

When it comes to marketing hotels, you no doubt want to focus on all aspects of your offering ­– be that overnight stays, the food, the drink, the leisure facilities, the local attractions and more.
But, rather than go after everything at once, targeting your marketing to focus on individual areas can really work to improve its effects and amplify the impact.
Here’s a quick example of what we mean.
We work with Rutland Hall, a luxury resort hotel, which, as you can probably guess, is in Rutland.
Now, Rutland is known as the county of good taste.
But being the smallest county in the UK, it’s a bit of an undiscovered gem.
So, the team there wanted us to help put both the resort and the region’s reputation for good food on the map.
With a sizeable existing social following, we looked to target the hotel’s social channels by organising an influencer event.
The hotel’s restaurant, Blossoms, produces some delicious food, and the hotel wanted to emphasise the fact people can eat at the restaurant without having to stay at the hotel.
This saw us invite a group of seven local food influencers to come to Blossoms, enjoy an evening together and share lots of lovely content of their experience.
This provided a great opportunity to put Rutland Hall in front of those locals most likely to book in their restaurant – whilst also showcasing the food to those beyond, who might be interested in staying overnight.
The evening did exactly that, showing off the best of Blossoms – and the hotel team were delighted with the content the influencers were producing.
Not only that, it also had a direct impact on the venue’s social reach.
Across the evening of the event, and the following day, it generated more than 10,000 impressions – a 55% increase on the usual stats.
Alongside this, Rutland Hall also saw a 22% increase in profile visits, and a jump in followers, too. Something that means, next time they post, more people will be there to see it.
For hotels, be that boutique hotels, resorts, or hotel groups, social channels are an excellent way of engaging with your core audience – and using influencers to broaden reach can really help to get your name out there. 
So, if you need help organising influencer activity – from liaising with them to get them to agree to come to your property, to brainstorming suitably attractive packages that make them take notice – just get in touch, we’d love to help.

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