Using Heart-Warming Intergenerational Content To Show Off Your Culture

June 2nd 2023 By Pic PR Less than a minute read

Our video team absolutely love visiting our care clients, as they’re able to capture some real characters and some lovely interactions whenever they do.
Last week, we were filming at one of our client’s homes in Nottinghamshire.
Wren Hall is rated Outstanding and is fully committed to Meaningful Care Matters’ Butterfly model.
Whilst showcasing the finer aspects of the home and its culture of care, we also took the opportunity to get some intergenerational content too.
A nursery, Little Wrens, is part of the Wren Hall community and sits adjacent to the care home.
This setup sees lots of interaction between care residents and children from the nursery.
With it being Mental Health Awareness week, we took the opportunity to ask a mix of generations about their take on the importance of mental health.
This saw us capture some at times heart-warming and at times tear-jerking conversations – which we were able to turn into some lovely content for the home’s social channels.
You can watch the video here.

All day every day, the relationships in care are producing interesting and insightful moments – you just need to capture them.
Want us to help you do it in your care community?

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