Using Creativity to Get You Noticed

November 20th 2023 By Pic PR 1 minute read

Sometimes to get people’s attention you have to be creative and do something different to make you stand out.

Getting someone interested in your brand often hinges on creating a talking point.

And this is what we looked to create recently for safeguarding platform, imabi.

The tech behind the British Transport Police’s award-winning Railway Guardian app, one of imabi’s key areas of focus is education around inappropriate, antisocial behaviours that people encounter every day.

This includes things such as persistent staring, inappropriate comments, unwanted touching and even shouting and swearing – all of which can make people uncomfortable or fearful.

These types of behaviours can have a real impact on those people who experience them – particularly women and girls.

And with Halloween traditionally a time when these behaviours spike – we wanted to highlight them with a view to discouraging people from engaging in them.

To add weight, we commissioned research, which revealed the most common inappropriate behaviours, as well as the places they were likely to occur.

And with these stats to hand, we created a series of Halloween ‘costumes’ that reflected them – ‘The Starer’, ‘The Wolf Whistler’, ‘The Shouter’ and so on.

The twist though was that rather than your usual Halloween style fancy dress – they were just normal clothes, underlining the fact that people encounter these behaviours every day.

To create the assets around it, we carried out a photoshoot, where we hired mannequins which we dressed in everyday clothing.

Our design team then created some visual assets that suggested these were real Halloween costumes – packaging and all.

With all of this pulled together, we then created a social content plan that highlighted the stats and the visual imagery – with a view to getting attention and driving people to the imabi website.

This subsequently created some fantastic engagement across imabi’s social channels, with LinkedIn, imabi’s primary channel, seeing:
 A 695% increase in impressions
A 543% increase in engagements
A 633% increase in post link clicks
A 2,200% increase in shares.
And a 10% increase in followers.

Compared to imabi’s usual stats then, this was well up – and it also drove a 170% spike in website traffic too.

When looking to boost the numbers on socials, you need to do things that make you stand out and make people take notice – and this did just that.

Want us to help you do something similar?

Just let us know – we’d love to support you.

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