Using Creative PR To Boost Recruitment

November 8th 2022 By Pic PR 1 minute read

Thinking beyond the standard job ad and using recruiters to find you staff, we can help create a brand persona that really makes you stand out from the crowd in a competitive jobs market.

A quick recent example saw us highlight the ‘sheep workforce’ at one of our hotel clients.

Spotting that, once a year, they release a couple of hundred sheep to help sustainably manage the long rough around their golf course – we thought, you know what, we could do something funny here.

So we made out that the sheep were embraced as part of the staff and welcomed as colleagues.

This saw us create this video.

We then added a newsworthy element by offering up the job of ‘sheep happiness officer’ – which basically involved a quick check of the sheep and a free hotel stay for the ‘successful’ applicant. So, all very tongue in cheek – but we pushed it to local press, and it got widespread coverage (which is perfect for the hotel’s geographical recruitment area).

Here's an example.

This had two-fold benefit – it made the hotel look like a fun place to work (and it really is) as well as putting it out in front of consumers too. Bowood had said to us that a lot of their local market only thought of the wider Bowood Estate of which it was part – rather than the hotel, so this helped counteract that.

And speaking of the Bowood Estate, it’s owned by the Marquis of Lansdowne. Not generally involved in the day to day running of the estate, Lord Lansdowne wasn’t shown the video before it was published, but he spotted it on the hotel’s social channels afterwards – and sent his praise across to the team, highlighting how it ‘absolutely hit the spot’. So, whilst not a KPI we’d usually target, it was a lovely additional bit of recognition for the team at Bowood – and for us!

If you want us to do something similar for you – where we can pick out and highlight a quirky aspect of your offering to convey a positive workplace – then just let us know.

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