Using animation to showcase your tech services

April 27th 2022 By Pic PR 1 minute read

Animated showcase

Have a new tech offering and wondering how to properly convey it?

Animation in this instance, can often be more powerful than simple words on a page (as much as we love those too, of course).

It’s a great way of combining visuals with copy to convey the gist of what you’re trying to do.

One of our clients, LiBi (Love it, Buy it) offers an exciting new concept (honestly, if you speak to the team there, you’ll be as excited by it as us), that brings an innovative retail experience to hotels.

Ever stayed somewhere and thought “Well this bed is bloomin’ comfortable, I wonder where they get these mattresses from?” But then left it at that, as didn’t want to ask reception and make a big show of things, and then you remember it again when lying on your lumpy bed at home but by then it’s too late? Or perhaps you’ve liked a bit of artwork in your hotel room and thought “That’d look good in the living room” and then not thought about it again until you notice that lovely enticing space for some art on the wall at home?

Well, if that sounds familiar, LiBi is for you.

Using QR codes and an app, it makes it super simple for guests, who, if they genuinely like an item in a hotel, just have to scan a code to get a price and then place an order for it to be delivered to their home.

With physical retail places closing all over the shop (pun intended) and everything shifting online, hotels have a unique opportunity to surreptitiously sell to consumers through a ‘try before you buy’ experience without them even realising it.

The hotels then get an added slice of revenue from any subsequent purchase, while LiBi handles the rest.

But that’s enough of us waffling on, why don’t you check out our animated video below? That’ll explain it better than mere words alone.

And if you like it (the video that is) and think, that’d be perfect for showing off what we’re trying to do – then get in touch with us and we’ll have a chat about what we can do for you.

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