Using An Awareness Week To Get Your Brand On The TV

February 14th 2023 By Pic PR 2 minute read

Last week we shouted about how you can create an awareness week to get your brand talked about in the news.

Well, you don’t always have to go that far – jumping on existing awareness weeks can help get you some stellar coverage too.

Here’s how we did it last week for a few of our clients as part of National Apprenticeship Week.

With lots of sectors struggling to recruit, employment is a big deal these days, which means the press are hot on stories focusing on job opportunities ­–and National Apprenticeship Week very much ticks that box.

Knowing this, we made sure to be prepped ahead of it – pitching our client stories to the media well in advance. And this approach saw us get some great coverage.

Here are a couple of quick examples.

The first focuses on Wilcox Limousines, a brand which creates hearses and limousines for the funeral industry.

With a big emphasis on apprenticeships in their factory, we reached out to broadcast media to try and set up some media ops – subsequently securing a whole segment on the BBC’s North West Tonight news programme.

This saw a news team tour the firm’s Wigan-based factory, where they spoke to Paul Wilcock, the Production Manager, who started out as an apprentice thirty years ago, and the firm’s Managing Director, Jade Wilcox.

A great showcase for the brand – broadcast still has a powerful impact and featuring on the main regional evening news was regarded as a real win for the team at Wilcox, who were delighted.

You can watch it here.

Another example focused on hospitality. Apprentices play a big role in kitchen teams where many top chefs earn their spurs as an apprentice before going on to great things.

The Chester Grosvenor, Chester’s only 5-star hotel, has a phenomenal kitchen team fronted by Executive Chef Elliot Hill.

With the hotel keen to raise Elliot’s profile as well as showcasing the opportunities on offer within his team, we looked to secure some profile pieces where Elliot waxes lyrical about the benefits of an apprenticeship – which would both help to raise his profile in the sector, while also highlighting that the Chester Grosvenor had some great career prospects.

Our outreach secured him a piece in the leading trade title, The Caterer, both online and in print whilst we also did some outreach to local press too (recognising this would offer up access to its primary talent pool) which saw us get coverage in the Chester Standard.

Again, the hotel, and Elliot, were thrilled with the result, with Elliot ordering half a dozen copies of The Caterer having been so pleased with such prestigious industry coverage.

National Apprenticeship Week comes around every year and it’s an opportunity we’re always quick to jump on – with it working year-on-year.

For instance, last year, Island Healthcare, an Isle of Wight care provider, took one of its residents back to his former job at the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes – and it got some great local coverage for the home.
Whilst National Apprenticeship Week may have finished for 2023, there are plenty of awareness days throughout the year – so if you want to make a splash and get your brand talked about, then get in touch.

We’ll help put a programme together for you that weaves in these excellent opportunities to get you out there.


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