Unleashing the Power of Pink: The Marketing of the New Barbie Movie

July 17th 2023 By Amy Millyard 2 minute read

Come on Barbie, let go (have a marketing) party. 

The iconic doll has been reimagined by director Greta Gerwig and is set to be the hit of the year. The movie promises a fun storyline, as Barbie experiences an existential crisis and embarks on a journey of self-discovery. This unique selling point has been cleverly highlighted in the marketing campaign, leaving fans, including myself, eager to witness the iconic doll's evolution on the silver screen from the 21st of July. 

With a star-studded cast, including Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken, the film is supplemented by a female fronted soundtrack, produced by the acclaimed Mark Ronson, featuring Dua Lipa, Nicki Minaj, and Charli XCX. 
The Barbie buzz is officially back and it's not just because of the cast or soundtrack, with months of social media build up and a seemingly never ending marketing budget, the film’s marketing campaign is one for the ages. 

Keeping it traditional with out of home marketing, minimalistic pink billboards, adorned with the release date in the recognisable Barbie font, popped up in cities worldwide. From pink benches and a special renaming of the 'BARBICAN' tube station in London to 'Barbiecan’, to Tower Bridge hosting a pink Doctor Who Tardis, the campaign truly brought the magic of Barbie to life, delighting passers by and generating buzz.

Many brands have jumped on board to ride the wave of Barbie's popularity with licensing tie-ins. The Barbie Dream House in Malibu, created by Airbnb, offers fans a chance to book a stay, hosted by none other than Ken himself. Crocs (the shoe brand not the animal) released a range of Barbie-themed jibbetz and eye-catching pink platform Crocs (I’ve definitely got my eye on these!). Other collaborations include a Barbie-themed Xbox console, as well as fashion partnerships with renowned brands like GAP.
In the age of social media, influencers and celebrities played a vital role in spreading the Barbie fever. The movie premiere witnessed a star-studded gathering, with notable personalities sharing their excitement on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. From glamorous get-ready-with-me videos to vlogs capturing the night's excitement, the digital realm was flooded with Barbie-themed content. Margot Robbie even posed for many selfies with fans and Love Island winners. 

Speaking of TikTok, the introduction of a Barbie filter on TikTok allowed millions of users to embody the iconic doll's charm. In an unexpected twist, Warner Bros partnered with the dating app Bumble to introduce a Barbie-themed tool, delivering stylised compliments to prospective matches. These initiatives encouraged user-generated content and sparked conversations across various platforms.

With a dazzling array of marketing strategies, the new Barbie movie has captured the hearts and imaginations of fans around the globe. From captivating billboards, brand collaborations and engaging fan initiatives, the marketing campaign has been nothing short of extraordinary (and not to mention the extraordinary budget!). As the 21st July draws near, anticipation reaches its peak, promising a memorable and empowering experience for Barbie enthusiasts both young and young-at-heart.

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