Timeless PR campaigns: Jack 'The Not So Standard' Mannequin

12th October 2023 By Amy Flynn 2 minute read

A TV advert appeared on my screen recently that caught my interest, but after further research, I found out the advert was first broadcast in 2021. It made me wonder.. 1. How had I never seen it before? 2. How was it still making an impact two years later?

The lasting power of Spoke's narrative
Crafted by the innovative teams at Mother London and MindsEye, this mockumentary-style advert for Spoke, a-custom-fit men’s clothing brand, told the tale of a mannequin, a symbol of standardisation, struggling to find acceptance in a world dominated by convention. In this narrative, Spoke emerges as the answer, championing individuality over conformity – and providing him with the clothes to fit..

Ultimately, Spoke’s advert addresses the age-old struggle between individuality and standardisation, body-image struggles and conformity, issues that remain as pertinent today as they were two years ago. The brand has created a narrative that not only endures but also paves the way for future success.
Dove's 'Be Real' and beyond: Timeless body image campaigns
Over the years, various campaigns have emerged to challenge societal norms and redefine beauty standards, one of the most famous being The Dove: Be Real campaign. These campaigns not only address issues of self-esteem and body confidence but also push the boundaries of inclusivity. PR campaigns that address these concerns tap into a universal experience, making them relatable across generations, continuing their impact, and subsequent media coverage, years later. 

Timeless campaigns that stand the test of time
Here at Pic PR, we have masterminded several timeless campaigns ourselves, that continue to generate interest and coverage well beyond their initial launch. For example, CHD’s Adopt A Grandparent campaign, which eventually went on to become its own registered charity,  has launched the subsequent ‘Wanted’ campaign, encouraging ‘grandparents’ to sign up this time as opposed to volunteers. With loneliness an ongoing issue, it’s still creating as much impact today, as it did three years ago.

Timeless vs reactive PR campaigns
A timeless PR campaign takes a long-term approach, aiming to create a lasting impact that focuses on enduring themes and values, aiming to shape perceptions over time. While it may not yield immediately blockbuster results, a timeless campaign builds a strong brand identity and a loyal audience, making it an invaluable asset for sustained success in the long run. On the other hand, a reactive PR campaign operates in the here and now, responding swiftly to immediate events or issues. Here’s an example of reactive PR that we jumped on. This type of campaign can generate a rapid buzz, capturing the attention of a broad audience. It's particularly effective for short-term goals like crisis management or capitalising on viral moments. Ultimately, the choice between reactive and timeless PR campaigns depends on the specific goals and circumstances of a brand – but ideally, they two go hand in hand. With reactive PR supplementing and supporting the longer term, strategic thinking.

If you want to discuss what type of PR or campaign that would be right for your brand and the impact it could have, then get in touch!

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