October 06, 2017 By KATE OWENS 2 minute read


Let’s play a game. I’m going to say a word and then you respond with the first thing that comes into your head.


For me the words that spring to mind are burgers, chicken, bacon, cheese and Big Macs. Your classic expectations and reality when entering the fast-food establishment.

I will tell you what doesn’t spring to my mind – ‘Vegan’.

But maybe we need to change our preconception of McDonalds as it’s recently brought out a new vegan burger which is being trialled in Finland. Instead of the 100% beef patty, you will be served up a soy-based burger along with all the traditional accompaniments of lettuce, tomatoes, onion and even a vegan-based burger sauce. And what will this “revolutionary” burger be named you may ask, well none other than the McVegan! Blimey – you would have thought that all those up in McDonalds’ HQ could have come up with something a bit more original than that.

So why are McDonalds bringing out this burger? Let’s think about it for a moment – why would a fast-food chain that specialises in greasy, meaty, hangover-inspired food, bring out a vegan product? Oh wait – of course, McDonalds is conforming to society so that it too can cater to the 3.25% of the world population that is vegan ( Is this new vegan product going to fly? Are the vegans out there going to want to step into a meat-filled burger factory to pick up their lunch? Or, are they going to stick with what they know and hop on down to their local Wholefoods and go and pick up their falafel?

Let’s briefly take a moment to revisit all those McDonalds products that just didn’t quite cut the mustard (pardon the pun). Firstly, the McHotdog, you only need to type this into Google to see it wasn’t the most appetising hotdog you’ve seen before. Now, I’m too young to remember this on the menu, but I have heard that it wasn’t as bad as it looks. Secondly, the McPizza – seriously who’s going to wait for a pizza to be cooked? Come on McDonalds – your big USP is that you’re a FAST-FOOD establishment. And finally – McSpagetti; I don’t even think this one deserves much of an explanation, I think it’s safe to say that McDonalds should stick to what it knows, and in this case, it’s Big Macs, Chicken Legends and a fruitful box of twenty chicken nuggets!

But, I may be wrong, the trial began on the 4th October and will run through till the 21st November and who knows? Maybe the Finnish will (Mc)Love it! And if so, maybe it’s time to tell your vegan friends to hit up the most-loved fast-food joint with you come 2018.

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