Telegraphing your hotel offering on social to get a 225% increase in engagement

May 20th 2022 By Pic PR 1 minute read

Social media. Everyone's on it. And you need to be too – especially if you're a hotel looking to catch the eye of consumers casually scrolling their instagram feeds. 

Here's an example of where we helped the Telegraph Hotel, a 4-star property in Coventry, cause a stir on its social channels following its recent refurb.

The hotel's name stems from the fact it’s housed in the former Coventry Telegraph offices – and its newspaper heritage is very much played upon in its design. Original features include the newsroom’s parquet flooring, a ‘clocking in’ machine and staff pigeonholes ­– all of which serve to give it a unique feel.

To help promote its offering, the Telegraph turned to us for social support, wanting us to oversee and manage its channels, while using our video and photography offering to provide the visuals.

This saw us develop a mix of social posts, reels, stories and more (as a quick example from this week, this is a reel marking the hotel’s one year anniversary since reopening post-refurb).

We started working with them in July 2021, and since then we’ve seen a huge increase in engagement – with a series of social competitions helping to drive this.

One particular recent highlight saw us launch a competition to pick the next flavour cocktail for when the hotel’s ‘The Generators’ outdoor rooftop bar opened.

Across its channels, we saw the following increases from it:

Impressions +25.1%
Engagements +36.5%
Retweets +142.9%

Comments +531.6%
Engagements +62%
Likes +56.5%
Reactions +62.5%

Comments +1,844.4%
Engagements +225.2%
Likes +161.1%

A straightforward enough concept (the winning cocktail was a banana daiquiri by the way!), but one that got people commenting, liking and sharing posts.

With social playing such a huge part in drawing in prospective guests these days, engagement is key in helping channels to grow and get in front of the right audiences.

Following our work, the owner of the hotel is looking to bring us in on another of their properties to try and replicate the success.

Want us to do it for you too? Get in touch.

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