Shouting about care home improvements through PR

August 10th 2023 By Pic PR 1 minute read

If you’re adding something new to your offering or undergoing renovations – it’s a good idea to PR them in advance of completion.
If you haven’t by the time they’re completed though, then that’s the time to do it – before it becomes old news.
This can see you get some great press coverage to help boost your presence in the media, which in turn helps to drive those all-important enquiries.
Here’s a quick example of how we did just that recently for one of our care clients.
We work with care group, Handsale, which has several homes within its portfolio.

One of these is Paisley-based Westerfield.
In the past few years, the home has faced unfavourable reporting, with numerous issues surfacing in the media.
Determined to reinvent and reinvigorate the care offering at the home, Handsale has invested in an overhaul of the site, renovating the home to improve the facilities.
Now, the best thing to do having received negative press is to counterbalance it with positive stories. This helps to supplant the bad coverage in the news agenda and push it down the online search results.
And with Handsale having done renovations, they realised that shouting about it from a PR perspective was the best thing to do to help bump the previous bad press down – so asked us to help.
A super simple one, we targeted a mix of local press (prime for their key resident audience) as well as trade (always good for recruitment and raising Handsale’s profile in the sector) to shout about the work that had been done.
This saw coverage in local publications The Gazette and the Renfrewshire News, while the care sector covered it via The Carer, The Caring Times and The Care Home Environment.

And whilst that’s great for an initial burst, bad news stories don’t disappear overnight.
The key thing is to send positive news out repeatedly, so that “tomorrow’s chip paper” as the old saying goes, becomes old news online too.
So, whilst this is a nice start, we’ll be helping Handsale with positive stories going forwards to help continue the positive coverage and bury the bad.
Want us to help do something similar for you?
Just get in touch. We’d love to help!

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