Short Form Is Thriving: How Short Form Video Engages Audiences

May 18th 2023 By Joe Gillin 3 minute read

Video, when used in the right manner, can be one of the most effective and powerful mediums out there – and short-form video in particular, has taken the world by storm in recent years, to the extent it seemingly covers every corner of the internet.

From a marketing perspective then, it’s a hugely beneficial tool to help increase awareness and spread the word about your brand. 

And with everyone now suffering from a goldfish level attention span, short form is where it’s at.

Benefits of Short-Form Video

It’s no secret that we all wish we had more time on our hands. Life is busy, and, judging by the tsunami of AI pummelling our senses at present, it doesn’t look like that pace is going to let up anytime soon. But this speed of change and relentless busyness is one of the reasons why short-form video content can be the best option when it comes to marketing your brand. It’s easily consumable, and people are all too often short on time (and attention), so they’re a great way to get your message across in a way that doesn't require a large time commitment from the audience.

Another major benefit is that it’s also highly shareable, which is one of the key things in helping your message reach a larger audience. When people see a video they like, they're more likely to share it with their own network, which can result in a viral effect (usually a dreaded word for marketers!).

This doesn’t come easily though. To achieve this, the videos often require the creators to be more creative and unique in the process. This helps to create a more memorable video that will make more of an impact in such a short amount of time, and resonate better with the audience more.

Social Media 

Social media platforms have (somewhat obviously) played a significant role in the rise of short-form video content. Through platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, they’re now a mainstay of social media content. These platforms have enabled creators to reach vast audiences quickly and easily (especially TikTok), while also allowing users to discover and share engaging videos with their own networks.

The fast-paced nature of social media makes short-form video an ideal format for capturing and retaining viewers' attention. And not only this, social media algorithms also prioritise video content over other forms, which makes it more likely that short-form will gain traction and maybe even go viral and make you famous (although don’t quote me on that one)!

Types of Short-form Video

There are several different types of short-form videos that have proven to be especially effective in engaging audiences. Some examples include social media stories, which are short, temporary videos that can be used to showcase behind-the-scenes glimpses of a brand or highlight user-generated content. Explainer videos are another popular format, which provide quick, engaging explanations of complex topics or ideas. Other types of short-form video content include product demos, testimonials, and influencer collaborations.

But this doesn’t have to just be for use on social. These short form vids can also be very effective on a much bigger scale. Big budget adverts and commercial videos also benefit hugely from being short format, as these are mostly used now as pre-roll ads before videos or inbetween scrolls on instagram – meaning they need to generate attention in just a few seconds. Longer form videos simply wouldn’t work in this situation, and not only would they receive little to no engagement – they’re liable to annoy the user who’s having to wait for them to finish.

To summarise then, short-form video content is an established staple of our digital lives. Whether it's on social media, in marketing campaigns, or for personal use, short-form videos have proven to be an effective way to convey information, tell stories, and connect with others in a quick and engaging way. So, what have you got to lose when it comes to implementing it in your marketing mix?

If you’re looking to create engaging short-form video content for your brand or business, then look no further. We specialise in creating eye-catching video content, and we’d love to help. So, why not get in touch?

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