Setting Up An Awareness Week To Get The Industry Talking About You

February 9th 2023 By Pic PR 2 minute read

Awareness days and weeks are a great news hook to get your brand talked about in the media.

You see all sorts of brands using them to their advantage and as justification for reaching out.

Sometimes though, there isn’t an awareness day that fits your brand’s needs.

So how about creating your own?

We did this last week for Care Hires, a care sector supplier brand, which helps care providers with their staffing needs.

Looking to make more of a splash in the industry and establish themselves as a name that both care providers and care workers recognised, we proposed that Care Hires launch #ShareWhyYouCare week.

Aimed at celebrating the positive reasons for getting into care to help counteract a worsening recruitment crisis, the thinking behind it was to put a spotlight on the rewarding and heart-warming motives for people to start working in care but also to stay working in care.

With Care Hires very much advocates of a career in care and wanting to help drive positive change for the sector, we knew that the concept of the awareness week would chime with their company values, whilst striking a chord with their target market. The team behind Care Hires loved the idea of helping to encourage new people into the industry and gave us the green light to go ahead.

As part of the week, we advocated hosting a dedicated landing page on the Care Hires website where participants could go and download social media assets (created by us) and more to help celebrate the week and showcase their involvement.

This would also help encourage publications to link back to the Care Hires website to both drive traffic and add SEO benefit.

Announcing the launch of the awareness week to care trade press saw us achieve blanket coverage, with several outlets covering it twice – totalling 17 pieces (with a coverage target initially set at 5) that reached a care sector audience of 150,000+.

This coverage total was helped by a follow up press release detailing those care providers that had signed up to participate in the week (many of whom were spurred on by our own care sector connections).

Most of the publications that covered it linked back to the Care Hires website, with the majority of these being follow links (great for SEO).

On the day of the mid-January launch there was a 136% increase in new users on the Care Hires website, while new users averaged at 75.5% across the weeks following on.

Referral traffic was also up 79.6% – indicating the care trade press was doing its job.

Furthermore, across social media, there were hundreds of providers and care workers using the hashtag #ShareWhyYouCare to get involved in the conversation.

All in all, it was a great success – and the Care Hires team were delighted by the results.

Want us to make a similar splash for you? Get in touch – and we’ll discuss how we can go about it

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