January 17, 2018 By JO DOVERMAN 1 minute read


The latest advertising campaign from Ikea is unusual to say the very least. And I think we can safely agree, it’s never been done before.

The Swedish homewares company is known world over for its affordable sofas, wardrobes, cutlery, soft furnishings and bathrooms. It’s yet to come up against any PR disasters and it just seems to bumble along in the background, making happy homes.

Ikea has dipped its toe into the creative advertising world a few times in its thirty-year history; from that “you can always find me in the kitchen at parties” song, to the lion relaxing in his beautifully designed home. Plus, the Swedes are among the world’s ten happiest nations, which makes Ikea furniture even more appealing. Flat pack furniture and jazzy bed throws are the key to a lifetime of happiness, guys!

Whilst the brand’s publicity stunts have been fun and light-hearted over the years, its latest idea is…unique.

Nestled within a Swedish magazine, you will come across an advert for a baby crib for €995. But, pee on the page and you could get it for half the price! Yep, I said PEE.

So, if you’re an excited mum-to-be and in the market for a new crib for your bundle of joy, feel free to urinate on the advert Ikea has provided to reveal a unique discount.

Akestam Holst, the advertising agency behind the creative campaign, has placed the advert in an influential women’s magazine. The promotional video to accompany the magazine advert showcases just how bizarre the whole idea is.

Weirdly enough, this isn’t the first wee-based advert to exist! To get the attention of dog owners, one company put ads that smelt like dog pee at the bottom of lampposts so when the dog veered off, the owner was then led to an advert at human eye level too. Genius.

I can’t see this idea catching on, which is ideal really because the more creative and rare the campaign idea, the more talked about it will be. So, on that front, high five to Ikea!

I just feel sorry for the check-out team in Ikea to be handed the slightly soggy adverts…

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