McDonalds, We Speak Late Night

February 8th 2023 By Martha Goodfellow 1 minute read

There is nothing better than a quirky campaign that piques your interest and makes you smile – and the latest creative campaign from McDonalds did just this. But not everyone was a fan. 

Whether or not you are a customer of the golden arches, one thing’s for sure: McDonalds’ marketing has often been hailed for its impact and change of pace.
The recent festive campaign in New Zealand, brainchild of DDB Group Aotearoa, caused a stir on the Pic PR WhatsApp. The campaign, a light-hearted nod towards the brand’s late night, ‘post-pub’ appeal, came under fire for promoting intoxication. 
Many people might recall their own delight as they see the golden arches come into view at the end of a night out, knowing instantly that it’ll ‘hit the spot’. The campaign targets this customer base, promoting the restaurants’ late night opening hours. The adverts, which ran across print and outdoor, saw the brand poke fun at the late-night clientele that often place their orders in a less than coherent manner.
The language of late night 

The adverts were relatively simple, using the traditional colours we’ve come to know from McDonalds, with a blurry product image (to add to the effect!), set behind large lines like "Mig back congo peas" and “Nickin Chic Muggets”. Underpinned by the tagline: ‘We speak late night’.
It’s fair to say, the campaign is engaging. You pause to make sense of the mispronounced line as you try to decipher its intended food order! It's taken a potentially dry message about late night opening hours and made it more relatable and humorous.
But that said, new complaints to the ASA show some people didn’t agree with the possible binge drinking implications saying that it undermined the “low risk drinking guidelines, and showed no regard for the health and safety of customers, their staff, especially those working late nights.” Others were “disappointed” at the brand’s choice of campaign, which ran from 9pm-6am on digital boards, in-restaurant and via the app. 

So, it's clearly not for everyone but it was certainly an interesting and conversation-starting campaign. So, what do you think? Are you ‘lovin’ it?’

We’d love to hear your thoughts and, if you want to create an advertising or PR campaign that makes your brand stand out, give us a call, we'd love to talk strategy with you - cheeseburger optional! 

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