Marketing Yourself as a Destination to Bring in Guests

May 23rd 2023 By Pic PR 1 minute read

Marketing yourself as a destination is a great way of bringing in potential guests.

“The sizzle sells the sausage,” is a saying we love – and destination marketing does just that.

Sell your location and all the wonderful things to do in and around your property and people will book a stay with you as a matter of course, just to experience it all.

Making the most of your natural advantages can really add something different to make you standout.

Here’s a quick example from one of our hospitality clients.

Bryn Tanat Hall is a Welsh retreat perched on the border between Powys and Shropshire, right next to the River Tanat
A rural idyll, one of the things you can do when staying there is cold-water swimming. And thanks to Wim Hof and his indomitable disposition, cold-water immersion – and by extension cold-water swimming – is all the rage.

People love it for the associated health benefits and sheer feeling of being alive, so tapping into this sentiment is a great way of attracting guests. And this is exactly what Bryn Tanat has done.

We’ve developed a wealth of journalist contacts over the years and we’re always chatting to them about our hospitality clients.

A big benefit of this is that they know who to turn to when looking to pull together round-up articles.

These can focus on destinations or certain topical trends, and with cold-water swimming a hot topic, it comes around regularly, so we made sure the relevant contacts were aware of Bryn Tanat’s offering.

And doing so pays off – with Bryn Tanat recently listed amongst the 10 best cold-water swimming retreats by the Evening Standard.
Not just UK focused, it looked at spots from around the world, including Canada, Slovenia, and Norway, with Bryn Tanat appearing amongst them – and the article also appeared in the print version of the newspaper as part of a double page spread.

To lift a phrase from the article “Frankly, it would be rude to come to Bryn Tanat Hall and *not* swim”.

That strength of association works wonders, especially so when it sees you competing with some of the best cold-water swimming retreats around the world.

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