Marketing the Monopoly Man to the Max

June 2nd 2023 By Pic PR 1 minute read

When you hear the word monopoly what do you think of?
Outside of business, it’s no doubt the board game.
Monopoly is a long-established pastime providing fun and fallouts for all the family.
Recently, Hasbro launched its latest version ‘New Forest Monopoly’ that replaces the likes of Mayfair, Piccadilly and Old Kent Road with their Hampshire equivalents.
And one of those is Balmer Lawn Hotel & Spa – one of our hospitality clients.
Now it’s not every day you appear on a Monopoly board, so the hotel team were keen to make the most of it.
Handily securing themselves as the venue for the launch event we looked to support them in this, sending our photography and video team to capture some imagery of the day – including the Monopoly man enjoying himself at various places around the hotel (great for future marketing!).
Alongside this, we worked closely with the Monopoly PR team to organise media activity – securing attendance from ITV Meridian news, as well as using our media contacts to get extensive local coverage.
Having sent an embargoed launch press release in advance of the day, we were hot off the mark to ensure our photography of the launch event was shared swiftly with our media contacts. This meant Balmer Lawn featured heavily in the subsequent coverage, while we also used the imagery across the Balmer Lawn social channels.
In addition, we also made sure that a quote from Balmer Lawn was included in the launch release too, helping to generate further PR coverage and something that other New Forest venues included on the board missed out on.
The key is to maximise the opportunities that fall your way and that’s exactly what we looked to do here.
Have you got anything coming up that you want us to jump on and assist you with?
Or, if not, how about helping you come up with newsworthy activity to get you talked about? We don’t just wait for the news to happen – we’re adept at creating it too.
So, if you’re keen to broaden awareness of your hospitality offering – just get in touch. We’d love to help.

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