Making a fuss of your residents to get press coverage

August 25th 2023 By Pic PR 1 minute read

For care homes, residents are a treasure trove of marketing potential.

And there’s so much you can do with them to help frame your home in a positive light.

To highlight what we mean, here’s a quick example of how making a fuss of your residents can see you reap the marketing benefits at the same time.

Marion, a resident at Brownscombe Care Residences in Haslemere, is a real fan of Love Island, never missing a show.

With her 75th birthday coming up a week or so after the series’ finale, the home knew Marion was missing her Love Island fix – so threw a Love Island themed party.

But what self-respecting Love Island party wouldn’t include ultra-tanned, scantily clad bodies?

Working with the wellbeing team and with the resident fully on board, we helped organise a ‘Butler in the Buff’ as the pièce de resistance.

And not only did we arrange for a suitably in shape bod to come along, we also sent our video team to film the party.

This created great fodder for the home’s social channels as an example of them going above and beyond for their residents.

Recognising that the juxtaposition of a care home resident and a musclebound gym buff wasn’t something you saw every day, we knew there could be interest from the home’s local press – especially so given the Love Island spin, which offered the perfect news hook.

Pulling together suitable material for press then, we undertook some outreach – and secured a clean sweep of coverage in the home’s local publications, including the Haslemere Herald, Farnham Herald, Alton Herald, Liphook Herald, Bordon Messenger, Petersfield Post and more.

The perfect audience for prospective residents and their families looking for a home that goes above and beyond for its residents.

It also saw coverage in The Carer – painting the home as a fun place to work for any prospective carers too.

Want us to do something similar for you? Just get in touch. We’d love to help.

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