Little Miss Waste Less

8th December 2022 By Jessica Richards 1 minute read

After seeing that a new ‘Little Miss’ character has been unveiled, I am feeling particularly nostalgic, and perhaps a teeny bit ‘old’. Great to see they are still going though! 

The new character ‘Little Miss Waste Less’ is part of a campaign, in collaboration with green cleaning brand ‘Ecover.’ Little Miss Waste Less sports a blue body and green ponytail – inspired by Earth’s land and sea. So combine this with a famous brand logo like Ecover and you’re bound to raise awareness!

The new Little Miss character hopes to inspire future generations to be more conscious about their plastic consumption, by encouraging families to incorporate refilling and reusing products into their daily habits. It’s really very simple when you think about it. All you need to do is reuse and refill what you already have. Like your Ecover bottles. When you run out of Ecover laundry liquid, washing-up liquid or even hand soap, you can fill up your empty bottle again. Simples!

A great concept if you ask me, particularly sustainability being high on the agenda for many of us at the moment. According to a study, nearly 50% of parents are ‘concerned’ about their daily impact on the planet, 64% believe their children have a positive influence on their eco habits, while 63% are concerned kids aren’t taught useful ways to reduce a negative impact. So with a bit of hope and a great PR campaign, the eco-word can start to be spread.

At Pic PR, we not only know how important this is to people and families, but we also know how important it is to many businesses. Sustainability comes up a lot particularly with our hospitality and care clients. 

Whilst consumers are becoming increasingly mindful of environmental issues, PR can accelerate positive change across a wide range of audiences. It’s clear that there are already a number of brands committed to sustainability, with Ecover being one of them. 

Consumers care about it and will support brands that do. The onus is now on their PR teams to use this opportunity to communicate that story in a compelling way. The power of storytelling can undeniably ignite behaviour change. Hats off to you ‘Little Miss Waste Less!’

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