ITVX butters up viewers with popcorn dispensing billboard

16th December 2022 By Jessica Richards 1 minute read

Did you know that TV-addict Brits can now watch thousands of boxsets and new drama series every week for free on ITVX?! ….and nab a free bucket of popcorn, too! 

Whilst I do like to watch television, I also have a bit of an obsession with popcorn so this immediately grabbed my attention. And nothing goes better with a good movie than some fresh popcorn, right?

So much to my delight, ITV has cleverly unveiled a ‘billboard with a difference’ to showcase the launch of the new streaming platform; it appears in London Victoria allowing passengers-by to help themselves. These lucky Londoners and commuters can now tuck into a salty or sweet snack from the world's first popcorn-dispensing billboard.

With the dispenser in the shape of the ‘X’ as well, it’s a brilliant way to showcase the launch, grabbing the attention of many and raising awareness of the new platform. 

The campaign includes a series of sixteen different advertising/PR executions, but this was by far the most unique. It’s part of ITV’s £45m marketing blitz for the new service, and I’ve heard that it is the single largest campaign in terms of ad spend in the channel's history! But why do they want so much exposure? 

They want it to be the UK’s freshest streaming service and they would like to be on the level of streaming giants such as Netflix. So, memorably bringing the brand to life in this new, innovative and unexpected way has proven to attract and engage consumers. Plenty of show then, but can they do the business? I guess we’ll have to see…

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