‘It’s ok, I’m with the AA’

August 15th 2023 By Liz Burns 2 minute read

As a recovering dad-depender, AA’s new campaign speaks to me.

Even though I’ve not lived at home for many years, when anything goes wrong with my car, my first port of call is always my dad.

Car making a scary noise? Strange light flashing on my dashboard? Engine won’t start on the middle of a dual-carriageway? Dad, Dad, and Dad. 

Yet sometimes, to my shock and horror, I find out that my dad has a life and isn’t always available at my beck and call. So that’s when I decided to make a real, grown-up decision and join the AA. 

Now, in a new running series of ads that debuts the company’s new slogan – ‘Always Ahead’ – the AA showcases the confidence that motorists (who are most likely delusional like me) have in their service, even in the strangest of situations.

In the dynamic world of advertising, the AA has proven itself a pioneer by crafting an ad that's not only innovative but also funny (as someone on the cusp of being a Gen Z-er, I don’t give out the ‘funny’ label lightly).
Enter the "It's OK, I'm with the AA" advert – a stroke of brilliance that has successfully merged the boring and mostly stressful nature of road recovery with genuine comedy.

With one 60” and three 30” ads, the AA uses humour to convey its message, setting its multi-service provision apart from competing services such as Green Flag and the RAC.

Be it a Dad accidentally filling his car with the wrong fuel while his eager family anticipates a holiday, a patient confronting an X-ray unveiling a mysteriously positioned key in his pelvic region, or a learner driver manoeuvring through a vortex, these instances epitomise the unpredictable scenarios that drivers find themselves in that, unfortunately for me, our Dads can’t always help with.

In addition to the TV advertisement, the campaign will be showcased across various platforms such as out-of-home displays, radio broadcasts, print media, online platforms, and cinema presentations.

Marketing to a younger demographic, they’ve also teamed up with LadBible after analysis revealed that British sitcoms, such as People Just Do Nothing, stand as a realistic depiction of what it’s actually like to drive as a young person in the UK. They’ve worked with the character Chabuddy G for a social media campaign series, ‘Fix My Motor’, that will run across LadBible’s social channels.

For the most recent stage of their campaign, they’re riding the wave of nostalgia and joining forces with the Street Fighter video game crew. You know, that legendary game series that's raked in 50 million sales since it first hit the scene back in '87? Through socials and key OOH sites in cities like Liverpool, London, and Manchester, the AA reveals its new visual brand identity.

The AA has managed to create adverts that not only capture attention but also embed its message into the minds of viewers. In a world cluttered with ads vying for consumers' attention, this unique twist sets the campaign apart and ensures its lasting impact alongside its memorable catchphrase – ‘it’s ok, I’m with the AA’.

In an age where effective PR requires creativity and authenticity, the AA's approach sets a commendable standard for brands aiming to forge a genuine connection with their audience.

Aside from topping my bank up when I’m in need, this new campaign demonstrates that the AA might well be able to do everything my Dad’s been useful for thus far in my life (and maybe even more). 

Dad, move over, there’s a new guy in town (and he’s funnier than you).

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