I SPY...

August 19, 2015 By PIC PR 1 minute read

I SPY...

Talk about making a scene… As I’ve written before, the launch of a new movie or TV programme allows a PR team to get really creative with their ideas. As you might imagine, for the release of the fifth Mission Impossible movie, things got pretty exciting.

Lots of PR stunts are staged, scripted and planned out. It’s rare to find a one off event taking place with genuinely random participants who have no idea as to what is going on. Despite what the creators of the Mission Impossible stunt claim, those involved in the spy themed assault course set up in Hollywood, do seem conveniently dressed for the occasion and extremely enthusiastic.

Simon Pegg greeted some supposedly unaware passers by in Hollywood, back in July, on a large TV screen recruiting them to take part in their own Mission Impossible challenge. Unsurprisingly all recruits were wearing trainers, gym clothes and came from a variety of backgrounds and age groups. How fortunate!

Trainee Ethan Hunts dart off the start line to complete a series of tasks; unlocking brief cases, working their way through an underwater maze, then on to climbing a wobbling plane wing whilst soaking wet and for the grand finale, they abseil from a three-storey building. Not your average passer by after all!

Of the good looking and excited participants, those with the fastest time won a trip down the red carpet and a photo op with Mr Tom Cruise.

The event obviously amassed a huge crowd to cheer on the contestants and certainly attracted a lot of attention for the new movie release. Deep down I’m sure we all wish we had been conveniently stood near the Simon Pegg TV, in our gym kits, stretching, with a bottle of water near by…

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