How To Use Birthday Celebrations To Get Great PR Coverage

November 23rd 2022 By Pic PR 1 minute read

When it comes to marketing a care home – it pays to put your residents front and centre.

By showcasing them, you’ll be showcasing your home at the same time.

Here’s a quick example where we helped demonstrate the caring side of one of our care clients, showing how they go above and beyond for the people living there.

In 2020, Joyce Tofts, a resident of the Princess Christian Care Centre in Surrey, joked that for her 100th birthday she’d like a pony.

The care home team obliged by having a pony come and visit the home especially for her. At the time, thanks to our PR work, this story secured a wealth of press coverage – with this being one example.

Not content with this though, with Joyce set to turn 102 in October of this year, the team were determined to go one better – and this time they organised a veritable zoo, surprising her with an array of animals, including a donkey, a piglet, a cow and more.

Again, we used our PR nous to push this out to press, and the follow up story secured more than 100 new pieces of coverage for the home.

This included the Independent, the Mirror Online and the Evening Standard, as well as dozens of regional outlets.

Birthday celebrations happen at hundreds of care homes up and down the country every day, but the press are always interested in people stories – so there’s plenty of opportunity to secure some great coverage.

If you’re doing anything quirky to celebrate a birthday then, or if it’s a significant milestone, we can help shout about that – making a great story for press, but also offering the opportunity to produce compelling social and video content to help demonstrate that you’re a care provider who genuinely cares.

Want us to help you get that across to prospective residents and their families?

Let us know, and we’ll talk through how we can help you.

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