How to Tap Into Your Local Social Scene to Boost Engagement

November 13th 2023 By Pic PR 1 minute read

Do you keep an eye out on your local event calendar and look to hook your marketing off the back of it?
If not, you should. It can give you some great opportunities to boost engagement.
Here’s a quick example of what we mean.
Fine dining restaurant Prithvi sits in the heart of Cheltenham.
And with the Cheltenham Literature Festival a big event in the local calendar (it’s not just racing in those parts!), it wanted to take advantage of the buzz about town.
This saw us focus on the restaurant’s social channels – emphasising the food and drink offering as we looked to attract festival attendees. 
With the bar forming a core part of its hospitality offering, Prithvi launched a range of ‘exclusive’ literature-themed cocktails to celebrate the festival.
From the Hemingway Daiquiri to The Last SamuRYE, it was all about piquing the interest of those with a literary leaning.
And, wanting to spread the impact across Prithvi’s offering – we supported it with some lunch and dining offers too, including a competition.
Over a nine-day period (the length of the literature festival) it generated some fantastic engagement across its consumer facing channels
Instagram saw a 165% increase in engagement, a 182% increase in new net fans and a 74% increase in impressions. While on Facebook, engagement was up 53%, with organic impressions up 22% and reach up 27%.
But, more importantly than the stats, it brought guests through the doors.
Prithvi is very well known in the area for its exceptional food ­– but less so for its outstanding bar. Wanting to encourage more passing trade as well as off the cuff bookings, this served to do just that – highlighting both aspects of the business in the process, while driving revenue at the same time.
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