How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

July 14th 2023 2 minute read

The beer industry, whilst a great one to be in, is also super competitive.
Pop into an independent beer shop and you’ll see a huge array on offer, while even supermarkets stock an ever-growing selection these days.
Standing out in the beer world, then, can be a real challenge.
And given this, brewers need to do everything they can to put their heads above the proverbial parapet and let people know about their offering.
A crucial part of this involves differentiating and making noise, but not only this, it means sticking to your principles and making a stand for the values you believe in – whatever they happen to be.
Recently, we worked with the team at Gloucester Brewery to help them project just that.

An award-winning setup, with a range of beers, gin and vodka served in its waterside taproom, the brand also specialises in events and entertainment at its onsite warehouse event space and a bar on Gloucester docks.
One of the things the team at Gloucester Brewery are most proud of though, is their work in the community and their commitment to doing good.
And having pledged to raise more than £50,000 for local charities – the team wanted to shout about this, and push for more involvement from other businesses in the community to help them achieve this target. On top of this, they wanted to weave in the brewery’s commitment to reducing their carbon footprint through green initiatives.
Turning to us for a short-term project as part of our wider work with business growth consultancy, The Growth Hub, we looked to target regional business press on Gloucester Brewery’s behalf to try and get other businesses involved in the fundraising.
Our efforts achieved coverage on Business Live, one of the leading websites for regional business news, as well as The Business Magazine, and trade title Beer Today.
The standout piece though was for The Grocer, the leading retail title. This saw the brewery featured within an article titled “The booze brands trying to make the world a better place”.

Read It Here.

For the team at Gloucester Brewery, this encapsulated what they were all about – and they were absolutely delighted to be included alongside some household names in the beer world.
It’s a great example of how you can go about making yourself known for the things that are close to your heart, while simultaneously working towards your business goals.
Want us to make noise about your brand values and get you known for the things you want to be known for?
Just get in touch. We’d love to help.

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