How to Make Your Instagram Posts More Engaging

June 20th 2024 By Pic PR 4 minute read

Posting random, shocking videos on Instagram may get reactions, but understanding how to increase engagement on Instagram involves more strategic efforts than merely tapping into shock value.

High-quality pictures, a strong brand voice, and product tags are crucial for any SME aiming to create successful content. 

Here, we take a look at how you can go about making Instagram posts more engaging and appealing to your audience.

Why Engagement Matters on Instagram

Some people and brands use Instagram just to shock people and get attention without the real goal of monetising their posts. 
However, for many others, the main goal is to make money. But engagement on Instagram isn’t just about profit; it’s also about increasing exposure, making yourself known, and promoting causes you care about.


Learning how to increase engagement on Instagram can boost your popularity, raise click-through rates, and drive sales.


How the Algorithm Works

 Social media platforms use algorithms to decide which content appears in users' feeds. This algorithm shows content on Instagram that keeps users on the app longer. 


User interactions with specific content types or accounts influence what appears on their feed. These algorithms are updated frequently, so staying informed about changes is crucial to maintaining high engagement rates.


Instagram Content Types

 Instagram offers various content types, including reels, photo carousels, stories, live videos, and video posts. It’s important to understand and utilise these formats in order to know how to increase engagement on Instagram.


10 Tips to Boost Engagement

1.Include a Call to Action (CTA)

Without a clear CTA, viewers might not know what to do after watching your content. CTAs like “contact me for more information,” “learn more about this topic here,” or “like and follow” help guide viewers. A strong CTA encourages engagement and keeps the audience coming back.

2.Host Contests or Giveaways

Contests attract audiences and encourage actions like tagging friends or sharing posts. The prize doesn’t have to be expensive; even small rewards can drive participation and grow your audience.

3.Try out Collabs

 Partnering with popular followers or influencers in a Collab can inspire new engagement ideas and increase likes, shares, and follows. Collaboration brings fresh perspectives and can significantly boost your reach

4.Respond to Comments 

Engagement is a two-way conversation; responding promptly to comments helps build relationships with potential customers — make sure to enable notifications to respond quickly.

5.Go Live! 

Live videos can significantly increase engagement.

Plan your live sessions with a clear purpose, whether to educate or entertain. Going live shows authenticity and can help your content go viral, increasing your followers.

6.Use Different Formats

Variety keeps your audience interested. Mix up your content with different formats like funny reels, inspiring quotes, or educational slideshows.

You can also use Instagram analytics to see what resonates with your followers and draw inspiration from popular content.

7.Work with Influencers

Influencers have established audiences and can help you grow your following.

Building genuine relationships with influencers takes time but is worth the effort; try to avoid fake endorsements and aim for authentic collaborations.


8.Take Your Audience Behind the Scenes

Sharing personal aspects of your story or behind-the-scenes content adds authenticity. It shows you’re human and helps build a deeper connection with your audience.

9.Create Powerful Infographics

Infographics convey powerful messages quickly.

Create visually appealing infographics or hand-drawn figures while explaining your points. Infographics that highlight key facts can be easily shared, extending your reach.


10.Be Authentic to Your Brand

Authenticity is crucial, and (outright) copying others can harm your reputation.

Develop your own identity and add unique value to your content, and people appreciate originality and are more likely to engage with genuine accounts. But don’t be afraid to turn to others to inspiration (and jump on trends) – just be sure not to copy others entirely.

According to RivalIQ, the average engagement rate per post for influencers on Instagram is 1.18%, while the median across all industries is 0.67%. Understanding these statistics can help you gauge your performance and adjust your strategies accordingly.


Getting Your Audience Engaged on Instagram


You won’t know how well your user-generated content will perform until you try it. However, you don’t have to post blindly — research engaging ideas and learn how to run A/B tests before launching full campaigns. 

Implementing these strategies to increase engagement on Instagram can help you better connect with your audience and see more meaningful interactions in your posts.

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